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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Mighty Underdogs "Droppin Science Fiction"

If your New Year's resolution is to listen to more good music, then you should have The Mighty Underdogs on your list.

They're being billed as a hip hop supergroup. And no wonder since the three front men all have stellar reps as individuals: The Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, Lateef the Truth Speaker of Latyrx and Headnodic from Crown City Rockers. And if this trifecta don't gain your interest then you will marvel at the guest spots: MF Doom, Lyrics Born, Julian and Damien Marley, DJ Shadow and more.

There is so much fun to be had while listening to this project. Definitely upbeat and the beats are bangin - I expect that. Same for the lyrics, you know that they are going to come w/their 'A' game. And they do. But The Mighty Underdogs are on the Definitive Jux label and that's how they do it. All good.

I wanted to single out a fav on the disk, but they don't make it easy. After about 30 minutes, I just let the tracks segue and enjoy.

There's some good news for you here. I am definitely advocating that you cop this one because it's one for the history books, but in this economy you can't do it all ...right? So check out The Mighty Underdogs on Imeem.

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So hip hoppers, let's hope that The Mighty Underdogs revive their tour sked in '09. kfox.

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