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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The download - Adele: 1988 (UPDATED May 2012)

So it's here ... another Mick Boogie treat.
Hot off the heels of "Viva la Hova" Boogie's mashup of Coldplay and Jay-Z, he brings us "Adele: 1988; this link no longer works (May, 2012)." This project combines the vocal excellence of Adele w/some late 80s hip hop.

I had some trouble downloading this one, but that's just the state of things for me right now. Point is I like it, but I have no concrete review of this one.

As I previously mentioned, many of Adele's tracks have a slower flow. I don't really get down w/slow flowin songs. So I am diggin the fact that there is some tempo on the tracks.

That's it for now hip hoppers. Go on and get your download on ... kfox

UPDATE: Seems the download police have tagged this post as a DCMA violation. As a result the original link has been removed. "I don't want no trouble officer."

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