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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Metermaids Don't Need Your Change

The Metermaids have been together for roughly two years. But you'd never really know it. They do have a chemistry. When I say they, I mean the two of them Swell and Sentence; a couple of guys from N-Y-C.

Their first full length project is "Nightlife". I only had a chance to listen to two tracks. And unfortunately their style left me desiring something different, something more at least that's how I felt listening to "Feel Alive". I like it, it just seemed kind of ho hum. "Nightlife" was cool too, but it did not come off as original. I kept thinking 'I know that I've heard that sound before ... '.

They've even gone out and done a mash up of "Nightlife" and Sufjan Stevens "Illinoise" called "Nightlife in Illinoise". I did not get a chance to listen to this one. But it is on my short list.

And you too can check out the Metermaids:
So keep your change hip hoppers, and remember that you heard the Metermaids when ... ? kfox.

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