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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paid Dues Festival :: 3.28.09

Wow, this one is coming up quick and that means that others are right behind it. And who the heck has the cheese to one if any of the fine festivals that are scheduled for this year.

I'm going to hit on the Paid Dues Fest since it's up first. If you are going to spend your unemployment cash on a show, this is the one. Just because you don't have a job, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy yourself. Besides, it's not like you are laying down $70 bucks for one act ... oh, no ... you will get some bang for your buck here, baby.

I won't elaborate on each artist ... but I'd foot the bill for Brother Ali, Atmosphere and Grouch alone; oh and Cage is a beast! Tickets start at $40 and that does not include any fees. Also, it's a Cali show ... I know, I know, it's looking more and more like me and you won't make this one, right?

Hoping though that someone makes it and shares the love: some Twitter updates, some YouTube vid ... give a dog a bone!

Here's the complete Paid Dues Festival Lineup ... and it's backed by Murs 3:16 and Guerilla Union:
Tech N9ne
Living Legends
Brother Ali
Grouch & Eligh
Eydea & Abilities
BLU & Exile
The Bayliens
DJ Val the Vandle
Hosted By: 2Mex

Well, there will be other festivals hip hoppers ... let me know what you're getting into. kfox.

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