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Monday, December 08, 2008

The Grammy Nominations and Hip Hop

There is no week that takes place w/o some level of hip hop activity. Last week was no exception.

In this case the Grammy nominations were handed out. I did, sort of, watch the CBS ramped up edition of 'the reading of the names'. I'm crazy about B.B. King, so any excuse to see him perform on free TV is all right w/me.

Unfortunately ... it is late and I am tired. Fortunately though, I've scoured the Okayplayer webbie for an article on the hip hop highlights of the '09 Grammy nominations.
So much hype; hype that I always buy into. Makes me just a little bit anxious for '09. But just a little big.

Now let's see if I can dig up some 'Best of Lists' as we wind down another one.

And hip hoppers, you too are award winners! Don't let'em tell you otherwise. kfox.

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