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Friday, December 12, 2008

A Holiday Treat from P.O.S.

P.O.S. is sayin hello by sayin "Goodbye". It's a track from his upcoming release dropping in February. In case you did not know, he's on the Rhymesayers roster and that means good, quality hip hop.

Right now - the holiday season - P.O.S. befriends us by providing a FREE download of "Goodbye":
And it gets better ... P.O.S. is going on tour in '09 w/the "Never Better" Tour. The dates are covering a lot of ground - East coast, West coast and the midwest (seems the South won't get a piece of this, at least not this time around).

I am still amped up on P.O.S.'s "Audition" from a few years ago. So if you need to do an about-face, then do that and come back to this or just do it all. Because it is all good.

So go ahead and catch that download or just take a listen. Happy holidays hip hoppers. kfox.

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