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Monday, October 23, 2006

What you don't know about ...

Here's a lil sumpthin about five indie hip hop groups that I think you will enjoy. Each of the artists does their own thing in a different way. But what rings true on each is the lyrics! Lyricism lives yall.

Loer Velocity - "Ready for a Renaissance"
Label - Embedded Music
--incredibly tight project

Zion I & Grouch - "Hereos in the City of Dope"
Label - Om Records
--love most of this; need an edit version for radio play

X:144 and SPS - "m.e."
Label - Nonsense Records
--stand out tracks: The Call Out, To Self, Last Voice

Now On - "Eye Level"
Label - A-Side Worldwide
--this one was ready for radio play and sounds nice all around

AG - "Get Dirty Radio"
Label - Look Records/Tha Ave Records
--heavy on the 'n' word; excellent production

That's it for now hip hoppers - hold it down and stay true, kfox

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