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"A setback is just a setup for a comeback." --from Bebe Moore Campbell's "72 Hour Hold"

Monday, September 18, 2006

look who's flying the coop ...

Hey folks ... I'm trying to get my rhythm. But it was a slow music period for a minute, now ... swamped!

So much so, that I will be brief and hopefully be back with the full mantra in a few days.

Pigeon John is back, yall! I love this guy. He is so quirky cool. Just speaks his mind, no matter how silly, but he still has a point to make. The project is called "Pigeon John ... and the Summertime Pool Party." Good stuff.

The DJ Shadow EP that came out a few weeks back, threw me for a loop. I don't even recall what genre I had labled it as ... point is, the full disk is now avail and I am lovin it. It does include the genre-defying tracks, but he gets down on the hip hop side - "Outsider."

The Lupe Fiasco is now in my hands. I'm diggin that one, for sure. There's a collabo with Jigga as well as Jill Scott. I will definitely get back to this one, since I have been hypin it for some time "Food & Liquor."

Other notables:
  • Ken Starr
  • X:144 and SPS
  • Dan the Automator
  • Black Ice
Oh, and Mojoe. I've briefly previewed all and need to go back and listen more closely and attentively.

Here are the projects that I will listen to definitely before the week is out:
  • Finless Brown - that Cleveland connection
  • Common Market
  • Sol.illaquists of Sound
I'll post up the most recent WMCO Hip Hop chart later in the week.

Much is goin down ... but no flippet remarks hip hoppers, kfox

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