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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My plate is full ...

. . . what you know about dat? Yeah, I've been listening to 'The King', T.I., so forgive me for my brazenness. I try to post a lil sumpthin at least twice a week, but I spent the latter half of last week in St. Louis attending the National College Media Convention. You tell me what are the chances that I'd end up in a city hosting MLB's World Series??? Not to mention being in said city when they clinch the title??? Good stuff. Lots of positive fun was had and much sleep - not had.

So, I'm a bit off kilter as a result. Oh, and CMJ is taking place in NYC this week, so alot of the artists I've been discussing in this here blog are in the Big Apple doin what they do. I'd say that leaves me with little or no music to listen to, but that just ain't the case.

I've got new beats from:
  • The Green Brothers "Everybody's Green"
  • Trek Life "Price I've Paid"
  • Mobb Deep "Life of the Infamous ... The BEST of MOBB DEEP" (which clearly states "FCC Warning on All Tracks"
  • K-os "Atlantis - Hymns for Disco"

I've checked out about four of The Green Brothers tracks and I like what I've heard so far. And it is a relatively short disc with only 30 minutes of material.

So this is all you get for now ... back in a minute hip hoppers - I need to prepare for my weekly Wednesday evening hip hop show. Trying to dig up a real classic Old School Hip Hop Jam. Right now I'm leaning toward an old Kid N Play joint - makes you want to kick-flip, eh?

And yes, I am still listening to music on cds ... you got a problem with that? I have a mailing address where you can send, say, a more modern piece of technology. I must admit though, I am primarily content with my current set up.

Stay true ... kfox

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