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Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's all about the hip hop, baby!

What is good, yall? I'll tell you what...I have been reading ?uestlove's blog on myspace and it is a beautiful thing. He just writes it as if he telling you in person. Good stuff about life for a musician on the road and trying to get some love from, well from whoever digs what they do. And there is mad love for The Roots crew.

So, I also had a chance to hear a hip hop show out of Akron, Ohio...Keepers of the Art are on 91.3 WAPS on Friday evenings @ 9 p.m. I was diggin the show because it reminded me of my own show. Nice and hyped w/some quality beats and rhymes. 'Cept they were bangin a few more oldies - or so it seemed. They - the hosts, Ish and Don Juan, rocked some BDP, that's Boogie Down Productions for those who don't know and that's no secret.

I'm still jammin to some stuff that is relatively new. The Murs "Murray's Revenge" has grown on me. "Barbershop" is hot, but really the entire project has some personality. Still lovin the Collective Efforts and the Coppershot is on the money - yes, it is!

Can't want for the Dave Chappelle's Block Party DVD to be released. It has a June 13th release date. If you didn't see it, you don't have to fast forward to the Fugees - really Lauryn Hill - do a bang up job on "Killing Me Softly." But you will want to watch/hear it over and over and over again. That's nearly the sole reason I am ridin this one so tough.

Next on my waiting list is The Roots next project - their first on Def Jam, that would be Shawn Carter's Def Jam. Yeah. The Roots' "Game Theory" cd will be out on August 29. Too long for me, but they would probably say, not long enough.

Still no hip hop shows for me and it doesn't look like one will get on my summer sked. And that is a dayum shame! Whatever that is about, I am not a fan of it. The thing is I like small venues but the shows rarely start on time and when they do get underway, they have all of these folkds who are okay and who I'd like to show some love to, but I really just want to see the headliner or do I want my $12 dollars worth...? You get what I'm sayin.

Can anybody tell me when they will stop producing the aggressive hip hop that mainly focuses on cars, jewels and hoochies...? I will wait for that to be over over and let that be soon because it all sounds the same and it ain't sayin nuthin...

Oh...I'm considering an mp3 player. It probably will NOT be an iPod since your girl - that's radiogirl - has gots to have some radio connectivity and at no additional cost thanyouverymuch! It will probably take me three months to make a purchase, if I do, meanwhile when traveling I will be toting the somewhat antiquated cd player with several disks. Just don't gawk at me, ah-ight?

You do realize that the Cavs are a game up and a game away from advancing to the eastern conference championship, dontcha? I am a hip hop head through and through, but I am also a fan of the NBA. So I'm out! I need to get my energy up, calm my nerves and take some time to send some words should do the same.

stay true triple h's ... kfox

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