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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The producer and the dj

Alright...the task at hand this week is to spotlight Soul Position and DJ Cam. What we mainly have here is a producer, an emcee and a dj and it won't stop, don't stop...

First up is Soul Position: Nice cd; titled "Things Go Better with RJ and AL." This Rhymesayers duo of RJD2 and Blueprint is just right. Columbus, Ohio native RJD2 has a long history as a producer (though he has two projects of his own). RJD2 provides some nice beats here and not all are predictable. Blueprint really impressed me on "The Cool Thing To Do" where he previews his lyrics for his niece/nephew and they dialogue. The track comes correct in its message for young people to stay true to who they are and to not be foiled by the peer pressure lest it lead to mistakes that will shadow you forever. On "No Gimmicks" the guys go after commercial hip hop - or just commercialism in general. If you despise what commercial hip hop has become, you will enjoy "No Gimmick." Other outstanding tracks include "I'm Free" and "Keys." "Keys" stands out because it consistently defies the rules of hip hop - it's just telling a story whether it rhymes or not and whether it is on beat or not. The cd is scheduled to drop on April 4, 2006.

For Ohio hip hop heads, here's your chance to see them in real time (I know that it will be like butter on pancakes):

Apr 14 2006
Little Brothers
Columbus, OH

Apr 22 2006
Grog Shop
Cleveland Hts, OH

DJ Cam is doin it on his latest cd. It contains lots of remixes but that's what djs do, eh? Well, I just love the label's home page...they've got some love for the sistas, yeah! And oh, the cd is titled "Revisited by." Of the 13 tracks there are several versions of the same songs like "Success," "Innervisions," and "Meera." The legendary Guru lends his skills to "Espionage," but it is "Love Junkee" that is da bomb! It's a J Dilla remix featuring Cameo and if you say who's Cameo, then you just better exit the blog, oh-kay...?

I gots to break out ... books and papers to read, yall!

stay true...kfox


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