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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hip Hop deficiency

Hey hip hop heads,

I have been out of the loop. Took a little trip to Vegas for a non-hip hop related activity - the NAB/BEA annual convention. You know the mantra - "What happens in Vegas,..." Simply put, a good time was had by all.

Needless to say, I have not listened to a great deal of music let alone new hip hop. However, I did have a chance to briefly check out some new joints on my flight to and from Vegas. You will absolutely love Collective Efforts "Medicine." This one is waaaaaay past good and it features a cameo by another fav hip hop group of mine, Psyche Orgami. I'm sure I'll provide a more indepth analysis of this project in the next few weeks. I also listened to Dudley Perkins but I was not feeling it. I'll check it out again later this week - gotta give it a second chance, right?

Two other newbies that I have yet to spin, but I am eagerly anticipating are Georgia Anne Muldrow and Copper Shot.

Additionally, I am also hoping to check out a live hip hop show in the next few weeks. I'll need to check the sked to see who will be performing in a hood near me.

Gotta bounce...papers to grade and May sweeps content to be viewed...

stay true...kfox


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What's up Kim. Good seeing you this weekend. Get at me when you can - sometime after the holiday. I'm at BTW, great site. We could talk for hours about this stuff.

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