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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Block is hot...

I am still giddy about "Dave Chappelle's Block Party" and the truth is I am not really into movies, let along concert movies. And although I have only seen "Block Party" once, I am destined to see it at least one more time before it is released on DVD. Have you heard about the recent movie distribution plan where they release the movie to theatres, DVD and Video on Demand (VOD) all on the same day? Well, I wished they'd done that with Chappelle's Block Party. Why is this movie my drug of choice this week? And I am feeeeenin' for it! Why? Loved the humor; enjoyed most of the performances and really liked Dave's antics from his hometown in southwest Ohio to interviewing some of the neighborhood folks prior to the concert. Again, the only thing for me that would be better than having the DVD is if I could have attended the performance (though I am indeed a concert snob in addition to being very picky about who I will see perform live and more particular about the venue).

One more thing related to "Block Party" - I had planned on attending the Common concert in Cleveland (because the venue and the artist were affable), however, I also managed to book a much needed holiday - in Portland, Oregon, no doubt. Now, I've heard that I did, fo sho, miss a good show in Common, but...well, there are no buts about it. I did not see a comparable show in Portland; it did not go down like that. However, Portland does have a healthy hip hop scene, it just was not flowing to the max during my brief stay. I did check out a hot lil hip hop spot though...don't worry PDX, I'll be back in about four months.

Meanwhile, I need to get my live hip hop performance fix on - NOT me performing, though I have a mean flow. Yeah, it's all in my dreams! I think I want to check out The Roots. But again, it has to be the ideal performance venue. I need to check their concert sked.

No music reviews this week. Been listening to Colossus, Chappelle's Block Party and John Legend.

One final note...can you believe all the discussion behind Three 6 Mafia's Oscar win...? Seems there are a wealth of disappointed folk out there...yes, yes, yall. It seems the backlash focuses on not just the lyrics from the song, but the group's performance at the Oscars. As for the lyrics from the actual song: Having seen the movie and the song in that context, I empathize with the content. And I say that, NOT endorsing the pimp lifestyle because that, my dear, is what it is - a lifestyle and a lifestyle choice at that. The performance: not much to say about the Three 6 Mafia Oscar night performance because I don't have a recommendation on what else they could have done...

That's all for now...stay true hip hoppers, stay tried and true...kfox


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