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Thursday, February 23, 2006

...sort of like Hip Hop

It has been a crazy week; productive though I don't have much to show for it...consequently, I did not get to check out a lot of new hip hop. However, I am stuck on one group in particular. The Audio Bullys fall into a multi-genre classification, at least from my perspective. I have seen them labeled as RnB (though I think that tag is a bit improper) and I believe that they classify themselves as electronica. So let me weigh in on this non-debate. When I first listened to their latest cd titled "Generations," I immediately thought they were dance with a hint of techno. But there is more than a tinge of hip hop mixed in there. So to recap, this cd crosses genres and it is all good.

So, here is part of the Audio Bullys story - and I am not the expert: they are from the UK and have been on the scene for some time. This new cd is filled with some catchy storytelling: life in general including the UK club scene from back in the day and a track that includes guest vocals from Nancy Sinatra "Shot You Down" (which I understand is a remix of Sinatra's "Bang Bang"). Love that track mainly because it fluctuates between a slow pace to uptempo numerous times in the four minute duration of the song and again, the story is interesting. Other tracks worth listening to are "Keep On Moving," "EQ-ing" and "Made Like That."

Call me a lover of the British accent because that too adds dimension to the entire project, in my opinion. Maybe because it is not everyday that I have a chance to hear a couple of blokes spit rhymes in a different cadence, vernacular and tone. "Generation" is rhythmic, uptempo and fun. So cool...oh, I failed to mention, that this one is a good listen from front to back, yeah, worth your Euro and your dolla.

Oh, well, I'll be back to the task at hand of sharing my music tastes for all the world to see. just a few days.

stay true...kfox


Anonymous nate wilkes said...

I checked them out... they seem pretty cool kf... talk lata'

1:33 PM  

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