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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Egypt's #Jan25 Movement & Hip Hop :: Arabian Knightz & Lauryn Hill

I live and work in Cairo, Egypt. Unless, you've been under a rock (or had your Internet access disconnected), then you should know about the 'unrest' here.

There's so much to say about what is going on here right now, but this is a hip hop blog, so I'll remain focused.

Arabian Knightz have hooked up w/hip hop's supreme queen, Lauryn Hill. They've recorded "Rebel" about the #Jan25 movement which has forever changed Egypt (regardless of the outcome). Folks in the U.S., particularly Black folks are very familiar with civil rights and human rights and what it's like to not have them. Prideful Egyptians have been 'rebelling' by marching peacefully for nearly two weeks for better human rights.

Hip hoppers, if you know and understand their plight, then do what you can to show your support. kfox.

The track begins in Arabic and later there's an English segment; it has that laid back Lauryn Hill vibe.

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