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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Celebration of Micheal Larsen :: Eyedea

For whatever reason, I'm just now finding out that Eyedea from Eyedea and Abilities died. He died last month, so I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I missed seeing this before now.

I've been following these guys for about five years or so. I've always liked their flow. Just good beats and good rhymes.

I must admit that I did find it interesting that when I went to the Rhymesayers page, they did not provide much info on Eyedea's death. I mean, the first thing I'm thinking is how did this guy die so young at 28 ... ? I had to dig a little deeper and hit up the Eyedea wiki for more deets; oh, and this, too, from the City Pages in Minneapolis/St. Paul. And Eyedea's mother issued a statement about her son's death.

At any rate, the Rhymesayers crew is now missing a link, but they do know how to pay homage to their boy.
Check out the links hip hoppers and show a little love. kfox.

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