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Friday, January 14, 2011

CMJ Year End Hip Hop Chart :: 2010

I kinda like the year end charts to give me a chance to know exactly what kind of a slug I am. I mean, who can keep up w/all of the entertainment that's available these days? Why would you even try?

On any given day, I know that I'm missing out on a ton of good music, movies, books and a shitload of really good articles.

Nevermind all of that though and back to how behind I am on consuming hip hop. Notice how I did not say purchasing anything? Who does that? Okay, so, we all have to buy something every now and again ... but, my point is that my music consumption is all digital these days and it's usually a free download somewhere (and, I should add, legal). I'm thinking you're nearly in the same boat as me, huh?

So s/o to CMJ for compling the year end list for 2010. I have at least 3 of the top 15 on the Hip Hop Chart. And I'm feelin good about that. Because those three are:
  • Murs and Ninth Wonder "Fornever"
  • The Roots "How I Got Over"
  • Wu-Tang Klan "Return of the Wu and Friends"
So here's part of the list (see below). Get the full CMJ Year End Hip Hop Chart for 2010 along w/all of their other charts.

It's no competition, but how much of a slug are you hip hoppers? Slackin, schemin and dreamin. kfox.

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wutang is beast!!

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