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Monday, November 29, 2010

VIDEO: IsWhat? "Trouble"

I've been in touch w/IsWhat? via Twitter for over a year now; NapoleonSolo specifically. We send occasional messages back and forth.

Got hit up on the chat box while on Gmail the other day and he says, hey, when you get a chance, check out this vid and leaves the link. I was a bit pressed for time, but pulled up the link anyway. Good decision on my part.

I love a good song. IsWhat? provides that hands down. The track is unique in the lyrics, the style and the music. I mean, I almost can't tell that it's hip hop. Just a good slow track. I wasn't crazy about the female vocalist that eventually came in, beutshe adds another layer of what is atypical about this joint. And that's just the song.

Enter the IsWhat? "Trouble" video ... so cool. It's in black and white w/some splotches of red. There's some animation - that's what caught my attention in the beginning. Throw in a couple of cool cats for musicians to accompany the front man. NapoleonSolo is more than dapper in a nice suit and tie and locs all coiffed.

That's right, drink this in hip hoppers, but remember the saying about 'trouble' - don't start none, won't be none. kfox.

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