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Friday, November 17, 2006

This week's BFF!

Oooooohh, how delighted am I to report to you, this week's BFF? It was the single treat in my music box this past Monday.

Funny thing is, he doesn't even know that he is my best friend - forever (at least until the next best thing comes by...).

Enough of the suspense, huh? It is Lyrics Born! Aaaahhh. His latest project, "Overnight Encore: Lyrics Born Live!" is spectacular! Nothing short of that. Now, I love beats and rhymes and good music. LB does all of that. Oh, and did I mention that an incredibily energetic LIVE show is like a meal to me - satisfaction to the fullest? Well, as the title of the disk boldly states, LB does the LIVE set and does it well.

I love his band! They know how to get down wit the get down. Reminds me of some true old school funk a la George Clinton, Bootsy and the Funkadelic relics.

But LB's lyricism is so fun and upbeat and on point, it's easy to get involved - or at least want to jump up and scream along with the other Aussie's (the project was recorded LIVE in Sydney, Australia).

Oh, and peep this, on the disk LB thanks a good amount of folk, but his first props went out to God - gotta love a God fearing man or maybe it's just me...

And this from the liner notes:
  • "When I was coming up as an aspiring young rapper, the artists I admired performed live. Period. We have entered into an era where the live performance has become a mere afterthought, a formality for all too many recording artists of ALL genres. With my first live album, and (God willing) the many that will follow, let history show that I never wanted to be considered anything other than a TRUE arist, an aftist that held performing live to be just as important as creating the studio recordings, in hopes that I may one day be seen in the same light as my hereos. And besides that, I like to tear shit up. Enjoy. -LB"

So now you have to do the right thing, you need to witness for yourself, firsthand what I am trying to tell you. You get that disk and you too can call LB your BFF!

Ride dat pony hip hoppers, ride dat damn pony! kfox

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