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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Little or no advice

...hey hip hoppers, it seems that you are on your own in terms of what music you might spend your hard earned bennies on. This day, I can only tell you what is available for purchase. I know that you are sad-faced and heavy hearted with that information, but I aim to boost you up in the near future.

Here is what I am diggin:
  • Rhymefest "Blue Collar" - ChiTown is reppin
  • Loer Velocity "Ready for a Renaissance" - this one is a must have!
  • X:144 & SPS "m.e." - ooooh la la
  • Dan the Automator "presents 2k7" - I love hoops!

Now, here is what is new to my four sets of eyes:

  • Lady Sovereign "Public Warning" - foul mouth, but fun
  • JRK "JRK" - crazy beats and rhymes
  • Hi-Tek "Hi-Teknology2" - Ohio reppin
  • Jazzy Jeff "Hip Hop Forever III" - everything that's old is new again
  • Fat Jon & Styrofoam "The Same Channel" - Cincy meets Berlin
  • The Green Brothers "Everybody's Green" - fun and funky
  • K-Os "Atlantis - Hymns for Disco" - not all hip hop, but original and organic

I'm exhausted from what my students call "election day hangover", but from the looks of this list, it is indeed a hip hop hangover.

Lovin you, lovin you and lovin you some more ... kfox

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