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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Roots Tour Update ...

This is sooooo crazy. ?uesto has been blogging the Roots' European Tour and right about now, I think my boyz are ready to return to familiar turf.

Is anyone else super surprised that some of the guys were in an all out brawl; an old school fisticuffs? I saw the wounded - and you can too.

You can also catch the ongoing video log on Okayplayer and here.

More about my obssesion w/the Roots: I let a former student borrow my "Game Theory" disk last week. It was a random act of kindness (I let him borrow my Dave Chappelle's Block Party cd as well - I know, I know, what was I thinking...?). So a day went by, then two and then I sent him a nice and tidy email that he should return it, and soon - maybe I gently worded that I would track him down and physically harm him if he did not return it within 12 hours ... However, I did not think he would get it back to me prior to my holiday road trip ... but he did. Whewwww, that was close. Why didn't I just offer to burn him a copy myself ...? Next time - lesson learned.

Prayers for the Roots to get healthy and be safe ... kfox

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