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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feedback on "Feedback" and then some

Just a quick note, I have received the new Jurassic-5 cd. It is called "Feedback." I've listened to a total of five tracks including the single "Work It Out" w/the Dave Mathews Band. But let me tell you, I got stuck on track #4 "Gotta Understand" because it is a stand out track. After listening to it several times, I finally deferred to to the cd jacket for some background info. I felt as if the track had a D'Angelo vibe to it - very soulful. There's a simple, heavy bass beat along with a sample running throughout. The delivery is stuccato and quite crisp. After nearly going blind trying to read the notes about the track, I learned that the sample is from Curtis Mayfield's "Mr. Welfare Man." It's hot.

On deck for my cd player is a new project from JernEye. JernEye is/was part of Lunar Heights - which is a part of the Nataural High family. From what I've listened to thus far, this is a nice one - solid beats and the rhymes are strong; I can feel his enthusiasm.

The latest from Cut Chemist is out there for all to see and hear "The Audience's Listening." Should it be "The Audience is Listening?" or "The Audiences Listening?" or possibly "the Audiences' Listening?" Unfortunately (or fortunately) this is a forum where punctuation ranks low, so what does it really matter? CC's debut disk features a track w/Mr. Lif and Edan, and that matters. I'm still a mad fan of "What's the Altitude" f/Hymnal.

The other disk that I just received is Superiority Complex's "Stand Up." Don't know much other that the brief background info that's on the cd, but they are on Bru Records. More to come about this one.

I am still diggin Kelis' "Bossy." I've been trying to make some sense of it, but that's just taking it too far, now isn't it? I'll just leave it alone and appreciate it for what it is - a classic summer jam!

I'm diggin the heat too, aren't you? Stay true hip hoppers and don't feel bad about compromising, kfox.


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