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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not feelin real hip hoppy...

...but for no good reason. Just returned from a short visit to San Antonio, Texas. My first time there ... and, well, it's not the kind of place where the kind of hip hop I like flourishes. But you might find, say, the Cowboy Troy type. There is a market for all types of music, eh?

However, I did check out the first five tracks of KRS One's "Life." It is GOOD stuff! He tackles some social issues like homelessness and materialism. At first I wanted to skip past "Bling Blung" but I tolerated it and began to appreciate the production of the track. Have I mentioned before that I am not a fan of the sing-songy hook especially if it's sung by a female vocalist...? Well, KRS travels down that road...he does...I really liked "Woke Up" as well as "F-cked Up." The later has an unusual structure, but since I am not listening to it as this very minute, I am unable to be as descriptive as I would like to be.

Also, I've been pumpin Madlib's latest "Beat Konducta, Vol. 1-2. Gosh, golly, wiz...I am diggin this in ways that you can not imagine. Lots of short shots and the musical nuggets will have you feenin for more ... I think I am going to loop some of them to make the full length - like at least 3:30 that I can workout to them or just shake my ass...which you are bound to do.

Speaking of feenin ... you thought I was going to say shakin my ass - shameful ... no, back to feenin and me and Dave Chappelle's Block Party! I don't think I was the first to purchase it at my neighborly Wal-Mart - and at full price, damn Sam and Sam! $19 and some change. Yeah, well, if I find that joint on sale in the next day or so, I am cashing in ... and that does mean that I have it and I will not break it open until I've done my rural research. But my greatest desire is to check out the Fugee's - nay, Lauryn Hill - perform "Killing Me Softly." Now, you know that more on this is forthcoming ... right!

Later hip hop heads ... stay true, kfox


Blogger laine said...

hey kim... I got my block party fix at fry's (aka for $13.

And thanks for all your tips -- I've been lurking around here for a few months now and really appreciate all you do!

your former npr buddy, laine

8:42 PM  

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