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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Aaaayyyy Yo .. what is good?

I'll get right down to the business of some new indy hip hop music.

The Procussions disk is a nice one. I can't point to any stand out tracks in particular, but I will do that with in the next two weeks. Plus they're down with Okayplayer, and you know that's all good. Right, right.

A few weeks back Colossus dropped some vinyl - "From the Lab." It is absolutely fabulous! Really, it's only two tracks, "From the Lab" and "You a Grown Man." Both have four different mixes each. Even Roots Manuva, the South London hip hoppper, sneaks in an appearance on the mini-project.

I'm still trying to dig Dudley Perkins ... and I'm about to cop the latest Ghostface Killah cd - "Fishscale" because the hype is killing me. I need to know and hear for myself.

Mr. Lif and Akir got some attention today. I had high expectations for Mr. Lif's "Mo'Mega". Yeah, that's a problem. You see, it was not as megalicious as I'd like for it to be. I mean, I did like it, but I did not abolutely love it. So, I'm now on my second round of listening and it is indeed sounding better to my ears. The thing is he's got some mad assistance on this one from El-P, Blueprint, Akrobatik, Murs and other. And it's Definitive Jux, no doubt. Maybe I wanted to hear more ... it's great lyrically, but it's only 41 minutes worth.

Now Akir ... I must admit, I was just gonna check it out, but I had no expectations (expectations are a not so good thing - that may haunt me after I pick up that Ghostface, eh?). "Legacy" is as lovely as a FREE concert f/the Roots (it's my world, okay ... don't judge me ...). Speaking of The Roots, I - like many of you - checked out "Please Don't Go" - it's ah-ight (again, expectations) - I'm not so down with the females singing the hook on tracks that seems to be oh-so in vogue now. So back to Akir, I just put it on and commenced to swapping out my winter wardrobe - I think it's safe to do that now, though I did keep a couple of sweaters on call, just in case - for my very 'springy' summer gear. "Legacy" was pretty hype from the start though the 'clean' version is not fully 'radio ready.' Akir's sound is not region specific and that is all good. It's just packed w/funky, somewhat jazz inspired beats, dynamic lyrics (not predictable) and his execution stands out.

However, what I am still bangin and love a lot is Coppershot! MC's Longshot and Copperpot are quite eloquent in addressing a variety of issues on the cd with exactly that title. I like the title track as well as "Save Me" (which has the requisite female vocalist doin the hook - am I contradicting myself here ... ? Well, actually, I remember the first time I listened to it and I did not favor it for that very reason - thank goodness for the sophomore listening round, eh? Oh, and I am really vibin on "Black Father's Day."

Am I the only one counting down the days until Dave Chappelle's Block Party is released on DVD? Tell me I'm not on an island ... ? Aw, you know you're feenin too! June 13 is the day - no elbowin in line kids!

That's it hip hoppers ... stay true, kfox


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