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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

holiday wknd update

I'm back at it, but just with a brief update.

The Ten Friends event in Cleveland was quite nice. It took place on Sunday, May 28, 2006 @ Sunset Lounge in the oh so trendy Warehouse district. Great weather meant that the pretty people were dressed fashionably, but comfortable and colorful.

A good time was had by all including your girl. When I was not all chummied up with the ever-popular dj, I was getting my groove on because dj Mick Boogie was 'doin the damn thang!' The music system could not handle the pressure and when the speakers on the dance floor finally blew out, the party people did not get rowdy or ghetto, oh no, they just began to sing Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison". Good times, I say.

Oh, one more interesting tidbit ... you will never in a thousand years guess who was at the Ten Friends Summer Bliss set ... the one and only, Omarosa. Many have asked, "What is she doing in Cleveland?" Well, when the weather finally get warm in Cleveland, it really heats up.

Sunset Lounge has a really nice ambience - contemporary and somewhat sleek with some mock waterfalls (or maybe not mock). Throw in some dim lighting and like magic the mood is set.

I checked out a couple of cookouts, but I did miss out on Slum Village - can someone fill me/us in on that show. Also, the Conya Doss show that I was so hyped about seeing - did not take place! Apparently, she was double booked and Cleveland got the heave-ho.

New hip hop on my desk this week...The Procussions and Akir. And oh, the new one from Mr. Lif. My review of those is forthcoming.

Until later...

stay true ... kfox


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