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Monday, June 19, 2006

just a lil sumpthin...

okay folks, it's true ... i am on vacation! trying to chill out and do much of nothing. as a result, i have not listened to a great deal of hip hop - truly not my usual consumption. for example, i drove from ohio to d.c. over the wknd along with my sister who owns an ipod. so i thought yeah, this will be cool. well, whoa on that ... her music catalog has a hip hop deficiency! i'd like to say it ain't so, but her hiphop selection was paltry (wait until she reads this). she did have the roots' 'homegrown vol. 1 & 2' but heck, it gave that to her to load in her itunes. but then i found out that she was holding back ... she did have some vintage a tribe called quest ... all in all, it was heartbreaking to make the six hour trek without some bonafide beats, y'know ... ? when we finally rode into d.c. territory, i had to jump on some hip hop radio options with the quickness. hip hop in the district ... lil jon, dem franchize boyz :-( but there was a glimmer of hope when i heard kelis' 'i'm bossy.' that is one catchy joint and i must admit that i like the too short cameo. but is kelis' considered mainstream ... ? probably, when you get mtv/vh1 exposure, you are apart of that there crowd.

another quick note mainly for the ohioans ... the roots will be in clev @ the house of blues in early august - i think the 5th (by b-day wknd). and ?uestlove is doing a set on friday evening @ the grog shop. i'll have to double-check the dates, but since i am not planning and all out soiree this year, i think would be quite nice to check out my favorite hip hop band! last year's b-day wknd was pretty solid - tix to the legg mason tennis tourney with james blake in the final against andy roddick, then a private (not just me ;) ) listening party w/kanye west @ xm radio. but this year, i'll take it much more mellow ... heck, i am entitled to change my mind, so we'll see how things go since i am still feenin for a west coast trip, l.a. in particular.

one final note ... i did return the dave chappelle 'block party' to wal-mart, only to pick up a $15 version at best buy. gotta save a $ when i can, right ... ? but the thing is, i've been hangin out a bit and i have not had a chance to view it. my step-dad did check it out. he says it was enjoyable but he wanted more of dave's comedy and less concert - WHAT? how could you want less of that ... ? must be a generation gap, huh? love my step-dad, though i did not get a chance to make him breakfast on father's day morning, but if i would've it would have been grits, turkey sausage, a spinach and cheese omelet and some biscuits - ooooooooooh, it would have been good.

go feed your belly ... and stay true hip hoppers, kfox


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