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Thursday, June 29, 2006

another hot one coming to the Northcoast ...

Well, I could speak at length about my experiences while on a pseudo-vacation in Washington, D.C., but I know that you'd just shake your heads and say "tisk, tisk, tisk." Because that is what I am thinking and saying and I know that we are like-minded, right? The only thing I will say is "I love my Jeep." despite it's current condition ...

On to the task at hand ... it has come to my short attention span that Fatlip will be gracing a performanc venue in Cleveland. How happy am I (and you should be too)? I am trying to clear my sked for the July 21st show date.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, maybe Fatlip is not so unfamiliar. He was a member of the hip hop group Pharcyde in the early 90's - remember "Passing Me By?" Yeah, good music withstands ______ ... you can fill in the cliche there homie.

Fatlop dropped his latest cd late last year, "The Loneliest Punk." One of my favs on that disk is "Today's Your Day." And if you heard it, you'd be head noddin' right along with me. "Joe's Turkey" is quite nice as well. I recall "Today's Your Day" with a slow, funky melody. Good stuff baby, good stuff.

You could always pick up a compilation of Pharcyde tunes, if you so desire, of course. I think that you'd find it somewhat admirable, if not highly - it does include several remixes by the legendary and too-soon-departed-from-us, Jay Dee.

What else do I have ... oh, right alongside Fatlip for the Clev show @ the Grog Shop is Omni! I have been diggin Omni for a couple of years now. There are a multitude of great tracks on the last project including "Coca Cola" - now as much as I am not a big fan of commercialism, this song hook is just too damn catchy! That track was on the "Ballyho" cd. But my first brush with Omni was on what I believe was his second project called "Burgundy Brown." Interestingly enough, I was drawn to a track titled "African American."

Movin on ... just so you know, I have not watched the Dave Chappelle Block Party dvd this week probably something to do with being in the District and flooding and a loss of power and things of that nature, but I said I would not elaborate on that and I'm not elaboratin', just mentioning ...

I thought I heard a new track by Kanye on a radio station out to Baltimore - 92Q - on Sunday evening. I was trying to catch the hook - something with 'celebrate' or 'celebration,' but I also thought that it was something I'd heard previously. But the time I dig up the details, it will probably be old news. Speaking of Kanye, he looked kind of 'regular' on the BET awards (on Tuesday, June 27). By regular, I am comparing his wardrobe to that of what he wore to the Grammy's earlier this year. Leave the pimp gear for those of that ilk. I like Kanye in the preppy get up, but I'm sure he has standards to uphold ...

The track I am lovin right now is Kelis' "I'm Bossy." The lyrics are okay. Her delivery has a little pop to it, but I love the beat(s). Killer beats. And true, the hook "I'm Bossy" sticks out. How about that there video ... ? Kelis surely knows how to reinvent herself, eh? But is she just a one hit per project performer? So far that's her legacy, oh, and being Nas' wifey.

Now that my Dave Chappelle Block Party DVD release countdown has come and gone, it is time for me to focus on another task or two. That focus will be on The Roots' latest cd "Game Theory" which is due to drop in late August. Also on my radar is the new Outkast movie "Idlewild" and soundtrack! The first single is already out there - "Idlewild Blues." I have not listened to it in it's entirety, but I'm confident that they come correct following the global success of "The Love Below"/"Speakerboxx." The movie and soundtrack are also due out in mid-August.

Please know that I will not rush through the month of July trying to get my hh fix on (there's alot more hip hop to be had between now and then), so I will wait somewhat patiently, but also while silently praying that all of those products will be available at a theatre and/or store near me ... or else how will I be able to fulfill my insatiable desire for hip hop as I know and love it ... ? Do you feel me ... ? Knowing all that, you will send a word or two up for me as well, right ... ? I take that as a yes!

I have to go ... time to dig up some D.C. go-go ... stay true, kfox


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