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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mae Day "101 Bars"

It is not often enough that I get to blog about a female emcee in hip hop. Mae Day is hard ... and strong. Love the lyrics. She's got the flow and the swagger too.

I refuse to compare her to anyone. But this is not a radio friendly track and nor is it formulaic. No lyrics, then chorus ... She rips and she rips and then, well, you already know. I've listened to this track many times trying to figure out when she's taking a breath. I mean, this track is more than four minutes and she's a beast! Love, love, love that.

The beats for "101 Bars" is nice, but the beats take a backseat to Mae Day's delivery. It's a good mix. Really a good showcase for her skills.

Check out "Mae Day Mae Day" on YouTube hip hoppers. It is not the end. kfox.

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Blogger wmedede said...

eeeee i like it!!!!

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Kelly'e West said...

I cannot believe that you actually gave this woman credit for being the best female rapper out there right actually said probably,so let me clarify that she is probably not close to being the best female rapper out there.Mae Day and Nikki Menaj should collab on a track that doesn't make any sense together. I hope that you go back and evaluate what you think great hip hop is and then go and seek it. Here is your first step.
that is AMAZING hip hop and anyone that call follow even closely in his footsteps would be considered only okay. Blog about that.

5:08 PM  
Blogger iamthegif said...

She nice. Note 2 kell'e, stop hating!

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Miss Infamous said...

I'm not really feelin her all that much but I cant hate on a female doing her thing!

8:16 AM  

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