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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Best Rap Albums of 2009

Ha! I love lists. But the truth is, lists are a product of one person. It's one person's opinion on what was the best of the best or whatever the list is about.

That said, there were thousands of lists that were generated for the end of 2009 and the end of the 2000-2009 decade. That's how I found this list on the 10 Best Rap Albums of 2009. There's also a companion list of the Most Disappointing Rap Albums of 2009, but I chose to focus on the positive, albeit, someone else's idea of positivity in list making.

This list was compiled by Henry Adaso from I must say, I did not know that was in the business of hip hop. As a result of my 'not-knowingness', I almost missed out on a well developed list. Yes, the list is full of gems. My theory on this is that may or may not be into the business of hip hop, but they know to hire someone who is. So much props to Adaso for making a shine-shine list.

I won't give it all away because I want you to go to the list and read the comments, but there's Raekwon and Clipse and I've been meaning to blog about the number one artist for some time now. It is all good ... in the decade where Nas proclaimed 'hip hop is dead', this list demonstrates just the opposite.

What about you hip hoppers? Who's on your best of 2009 hip hop list? kfox.

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Anonymous bali resorts said...

Well I like the rap songs but only of my choice. And some of them from your list are really cool

3:55 AM  
Anonymous safemeds said...

Very good list, indeed these albums were and are amazing, great post and thanks for sharing.

11:06 AM  

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