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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Roots in D.C.

It's another sad chapter. That chapter being me in the same city where The Roots are performing and me NOT going to the show. It's happened three times now (see previous 'The Roots' posts for deets). Enough already.

The most recent edition was in D.C., December 2009. The Roots were there for not one, but two shows: on Tuesday, December 29th and Wednesday, 30th. My sister gave me a heads up several days in advance, maybe more than that, but she thought the ticket price was high at $45 (plus service fees). I was on the fence. I had planned to be in D.C. to bring in twenty-ten, but my funds were a bit low at the time. Then on Monday, my boy from D.C. called. He knew I'd be in town and wanted to know if I wanted to go see The Roots. I balked at the ticket prices. He seemed indecisive too. He mentioned that the December 30th show had already sold out (though I initially thought he said it was cancelled because it had not sold out).

On Tuesday as I was headed to D.C., I got antsy. I began to think: 'Yes, I do want to go to see The Roots!' This is the one group that I can see over and over and over again and never tire of seeing them perform. Well, seeing them in D.C. did not happen for me. The closest I got was this money shot (see above) from in front of the 930 Club. Good looking tour bus, right?

I thought I could roll up to the venue and snap up some tix and be on my way. Right. It did not go down like that. My boy did end up going though. He's obviously got some connections in the Chocolate City. To add insult to injury, he also walked away w/'another' drum stick from Questlove.

Enough of my whining. Lucky me and you ... The Roots have some pics and commentary about the D.C. shows posted on Okayplayer.

So get to gettin hip hoppers. The moral to this story is that when The Roots come to town, get the ticket and balk at the price later. kfox.

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8:17 AM  
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