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Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Heaven or Hell" by Georgia Anne Muldrow f/Black Milk, Kool G Rap and LMNO

Georgia Anne Muldrow has been affiliated with the the illustrious Stones Throw set. Good things jump off over there. Peanut Butter Wolf. Madlib. Ohno. J Dilla. And now not only does she have a foot in over at Ubiquity, but she's doing her own thing w/the Mellow Music Group. Yes, yes, yall ... Georgia Anne's in a good place; the past paving the way for the present.

I dropped a blog post about her a few weeks ago on my other blog about the track "Roses" w/Mos Def. Now some of her latest project is out there. It's a collabor w/Declaime (Dudley Perkins in disguise), "SomeOthaShip" (apparently, there's a "Heaven and Hell" EP, which is a prelude to "SomeOthaShip"; stay with me now ... and yeah, I know about "Kings Ballad" too. It's obvious that Georgia's keepin quite busy.

One of the tracks on the "SomeOthaShip" project is "Heaven and Hell". The mix of characters involved tells you something about the ensuing dichotomy: Black Milk, Kool G Rap and LMNO. It's true that I was nearly immediately turned off by the mention of both the words 'ho' and 'bitch within the first 20 seconds. I mean, give me a chance to enjoy the track first before you startle me w/ridiculousness. Whatever. I'm not adverse to the words being slung around, but at least consider slinging them w/purpose; show some depth of character. Damn. Flippant use of any derogatory term is a cop out ... And now I'm out of focus, right? Or am I? The track is called "Heaven or Hell" ...

Lucky me, I did not tune out all together. Outside of the first verse by Kool G Rap, the other contributors make good use of their time on this track. As a matter of fact, the track has a good dose of positivity.

I could go on, but you know you want to hear it for yourself, now don't you hip hoppers? kfox.

Download Georgia Anne's and Declaime's "Heaven or Hell" from Mediafire.
Check out the track "Get Up" produced by Oddisee.

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