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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Wow, the timing of this awesome project ... not so good for me. I just found out about this one ... but, I also can't remember the last time that I bought a cd. Thing is, I was saving up to splurge on the new project from The Roots in June.

To go bring this to my attention now is just wrong. It's wrong because I'm lootless. That's right I bust my ass working five days a week and I still don't have enough disposable cash to buy an $12 cd. Whatever ... and don't judge me.

Dillanthology gives the appearance of something magnanimous. Any why not? We're talking another tribute to J. Dilla. As I see it, the tributes for Dilla will never end. Just like there's a new Madden game annually, why not a Dilla tribute? Btw, Dillanthology is volume 1.

Mucially, Dilla touched a lot of people. This anthology shows some of that. 13 tracks w/some high profile artists like Common and Slum Village. Those are a given, right? Throw in The Pharcyde, The Roots (also a given), A. G. f/Aloe Blacc and several others. Good stuff.

So, hip hoppers, if you're not down w/Dilla, Dillanthology is like 'Dilla 101' ... let's get schooled. kfox.

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