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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Afroclassics :: "Boom In It"

Well, now, this is a club banger! I can just see the parties jumpin off w/this one. Afroclassics "Boom In It" is a slow vibe with some smooth lyrical delivery along w/the feel of a live audience. There's a group of folks singing the hook "Hold up, wait a minute, let me put that boom in it". There is no escapin the drums and a mixture of other percussion instruments that are driving the beat. I would even say that it is Go-Go- esque. Yes, indeedy!

But it's not a club banger in the same sense as some of the watered down rap that you get now in the clubs. This track from Afroclassics has the feel of the groups name: it's a classic soulful sound. I don't know that my description is doing it justice ...

At least listen to this track. It'll definitely have you movin.

The project is "The Classic EP". Oh, and Scarub and Very, are Afroclassic, check them out:
Hip hoppers, let me see you "put that boom in it!" kfox

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