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Sunday, April 19, 2009

J's Anthem "Queen"

Females emcees have come and gone in the world of hip hop. You can really name the best females in hip hop on one hand ... okay, two. That's not a diss, that's real. Sad, but true. And unfortunately the women just don't have staying power on the mic.

Enter J. She is rollin in strong. I like the vibe on her first track "Queen". It's edgy, heavy beats and lyrically - she's got the skills. The topic is one of old ... respectin/disrespectin women. Her words may fall on some deaf ears, but her presentation commands your attention.

I want to be more optimistic about her future ... let's say she comes correct w/her first project ... how long before her sophomore album and will she meet the pressure of her first project ... Yeah, I'm just a bit ahead of myself on this ... just make me settle down and enjoy the moment and stop trying to forecast her future. Right, right.

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Hip hoppers ... if you give more respect, you'll get more respect. kfox.

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