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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Roots New Album "How I Got Over"

Well, I'm not the first to tell or the last to know, but The Roots will be releasing "How I Got Over" soon. Some say as early as June.

Here's the article from XXL w/some info about the project origin. This little article was tough for me to read.
A few weeks ago, I was making plans to go see The Roots in NYC @ the Highline Ballroom. I booked a flight, notified my friends, got all hyped. But I did not book tix to the show and guess what? It sold out - as stated in the article. Yeah, I'm still a bit surly about that one.
Meanwhile, I'm still supporting the fellas and sharing the love w/all the hip hoppers. kfox.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did I miss this! I can't wait to hear new Roots and this year I wll see them when they tour. Wait, can they tour now that they are on Jimmy Fallons show?

Prophet aka The Rebel

4:29 PM  

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