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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rootbeer is Pigeon John and Flynn Adam

I love collaborations. Anytime you can get Pigeon John to drop some lines, it is all good. This colab is with Pigeon John and Flynn Adam. Pigeon John has several solo projects including one of my favs, "The Summertime Pool Party". Adam has some star power as a member of LA Symphony and he's a producer as well.

"Girlies" is one of the first singles under the Rootbeer moniker. I love the tempo of this track. It reminds me of something old school. But it's not coming to me at this time. The hook on the song goes like this "girlies hit me up because the homie is famous" and the say that quite a few times. I love simple songs. Meaning you don't need pages and pages of lyrics, but a catchy hook, good beats, nice lyrics. Easy formula. I also like their sense of humor which comes through on this single.

The title track did not do much for me. It has eclectic written all over it. Which is cool, but in this case, I thought that the track was directionless. It was just doing too much and it did not come together. You may feel otherwise, if so, do chime in on this one.

So, Rootbeer's "Pink Limousine" EP is out; released today. And I believe that the fellas will be on the road. But not so fast, it's a west coast tour. And it includes South by Southwest - SXSW; a music festival and conference. That should be nice.
Their MySpace page has several tracks from "Pink Limousine".

Hip hoppers ... spring is on the horizon. Let's keep it fresh. kfox.

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Blogger estaples said...

The Pink Limousine video redeemed the song for me. It reminds me of why Pigeon John is so popular--he has too much personality for your ears only. You gotta see him live!:

11:55 AM  

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