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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Chef is back in the Kitchen

Raekwon (sometimes known as Raekwon the Chef) has released a number of mixtapes since the release of the widely successful "Build for Cuban Linx" in 1995. But apparently he's back in the studio and near ready to release "Built for Cuban Linx 2". We won't complain about the not-so-fresh title, that is, if the vibe from the track "Back from the Slums" is any indication of what we're in for. You'll be excited to know that this track features Wu-Tang's Method Man as well as Ghostface Killah. Nice.

It's cool to hear the guys flow in this mini-Wu reunion.

You can download "Back from the Slums"

This track will have you itching for the full length project and you'll just have to wait. You know how these things go: there's usually a release date (in this case April 7th), then it's either pushed back or it gets leaked.

Also, here's "Criminology 2" (again, lacking creativity on the title), but this is that killer combo of Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. You already know.

Other Raekwon resources:

So all of you hip hopper's w/that old school nostalgia, this is for you. kfox.

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