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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Do It For Hip Hop :: Luda Jay-Z Nas

I can not take credit for finding this one. It came to my inbox via Mick Boogie's Press Play Fashion Forward website/blog. But I am diggin it - Ludacris, Jay-Z and Nas "I Do It For Hip Hop". Not bad at all.

What caught my attention was the image that accompanied the post. As I was scrolling through, it was one of those "hey, what was that?" The bruthas are lookin fabulous and fly. But nice to know that the track is not all commercial sounding and what not. I expect the lyrics to be strong, but the beats are quite complimentary; a little jazzy and laid back. Very nice.

So check out the track: "I Do It For Hip Hop"

What are you doing for hip hop hip hoppers ... ? kfox.

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Anonymous TY THA ARTIST said...

yup this is my ishh!!

3:44 AM  

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