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Sunday, June 01, 2008

More good music - Shaya

Audible Treats sent me a link to another goodie. They hipped me to K'naan and now it's Shaya. You can check out his flow on his MySpace page.

The one that I am diggin is "Thinking Cap". It starts off as the bonafide classic by Teddy Pendergrass - almost lost me there since I am not a fan of slow jams. But I was multitasking and could not immediately dump the track ... about 20 seconds or so in, they switched up the beat, still the "Turn off the Lights" music, but w/a twist. Nice storytellin too.

Get down wit it hip hoppers - it's a nice laid back flow, just like the summer. kfox.

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Anonymous Download Free Rap Beats said...

I went and checked out his myspace page. Dude has nice lyrics and swag.

12:34 AM  

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