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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Roots on David Letterman

Well, how about I missed this one - where the heck was my Roots radar? I've thought way too hard about what I was doing to miss this show ... The Roots were on The David Letterman Show on Monday. Thank goodness for video sharing sites because the performance is crazily awesome!

They performed "Rising Up" f/Chrisette Michele and Wale. How many folks are workin that gig? I think they said there were four percussionists, a tuba player, a singer, two rappers/lyricists and a bevy of others making magic happen - and in 3 and a half minutes no less ... love that.

I've got my hand on "Rising Down" - super delicious to consume; and more on that later.

This hip hopper is off to sleep for a half dozen hours.

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