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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Rage that is "Rising Down"

I have spent a good portion of my day surfin the web looking for Roots related vids and other assorted audio treats.

My fav band are pimping themselves out all in the name of good music.
?uestlove sent out an blog posting w/a link to a freebie download of the group's Sirius performance - and what kind of fan would I be if I did not share the love ... ? Cool.

But all the rage is really over at Okayplayer - where they have made some creative changes to the design that I had gotten so used to, but it is all good. The blogs are hot, the discussion is feverish and the energy is apparent. You all need to go and get somma that!

Oh, and I found this interview link there too. As I recall, the interview w/?uesto is about 12-15 minutes, but time well spent - if you like The Roots.

And here is a vid of Black Thought on BET's Rap City. Yeah, his abilities are obvious.

I have not forgotten about my comments on "Rising Down". Briefly, it is stellar. The beats are jumping out at me; love that. I mean, they are indeed a band. But as a result, of the hyper-sensitive beats, I find it hard to concentrate on the lyrics. The guests on the disk bring a lot of flavor and style and a different dimension.

There's a lot to go around hip hoppers, so what are you sharing w/me ... ? ;-) kfox

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