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Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Another Ten Friends Affair - this weekend!

So the Memorial Day Weekend really snuck up on me. Crazy. I've been road trippin like I have it like that. But this Sunday night I get to hang out w/my friends and chill.

We've got another set. This time @ Sunset Lounge. It's a nice sized venue, but parking will be a monster. And no Mick Boogie as the event dj - that could keep the real party-goer's away. But, lucky for us Mick is not spinning in Clev this weekend (I think he's in Columbus or some other happenin spot).

But the Ten Friends sets are always cool. Lots of good people and delicious cocktails and a couple of old school sets and no riff raff and no line dancin - just a straight up good time.

If you get a chance to catch one up close and personal, you'll know how to party the proper way - for real. kfox.

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