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Monday, February 12, 2007

The New-ness

Some new stuff is on my block.

Mos Def
"True Magic"
  • Good stuff; true to his game, but does not venture off and explore much new terrain though I like the title track; it's not like "Danger" and lots of folk did not like that; but can someone tell me what is up w/the packaging on this disc - or the lack of it? Yeah, it was in a clear plastic case w/the disc and that is cover art, no liner notes. The tracks are listed on the disk and that is it; that is so booty ... There should be a discount for that ...
Om: Hip-Hop V. 1
  • What's not like about Om Records? And this project is meaty - Zion I, Colossus, Crown City Rockers ... instead of Om, it should be 'ummmm' (hope that's not too corny ... )

"Moments in Movement

  • The age of the white girl rapper has arrived; but this joint is really nice; there's just a different atmosphere on this; the flow is unpredictable, the beats are strong and on point
Bunny Rabbit
"Lovers and Crypts"
  • This one I have not listened to yet; my copy is supposed to be clean and it damn well better be, because with titles like "Pussy Queen" and "Saddle Up", it'll never get any airplay where I'm at

I finally located my "More Fish" from Ghostface ... that's the one to get.

I'll try to hit on the Grammy's before the week is out ... if you can't wait for the hip hop version, check out my other blog for the overall recap ... I'm out hip hoppers ... do dat &*$#@, kfox

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