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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This message does not pertain to you ...

... or maybe it does. I was channel surfing and stopped on MTV2. What they feed viewers is not what I'd call a healthy dose of hip hop. I am only somewhat amazed at what music gets made. I am more startled at the video that compliments the music and that the vIideo gets airtime on a variety of music video channels.

I do want to make one thing clear: I don't hate them (that's too strong of an emotion to throw around casually), but I don't like a lot of the music. Why am I not naming names? Why should I? Frankly, I do like some select cuts by mainstream artists (usually songs that have been embedded in my head through my large consumption of media) .

And how about this, I was recently sent an email with a link to a video and asked to provide feedback on the video. I did watch the entire video and then I felt compelled to send in my remarks. The video was riddled with my main pet peeve as it relates to rap videos - the degradation of women and/or women as props! I used to think the era of video hos would pass with the time. You know, like new jack swing and stir up pants. But no, it's not a passing fade; it is the norm. And it seems people are just fine with that - to be stuck in that phase with no visible growth ...

... then I saw this on Flickr and I thought ... well, at how many folks would I lob this statement: HIP HOP SUCKS BECAUSE OF YOU!

Interestingly enough, I also find myself playing devil's advocate: what do people say about the style of hip hop that I love and promote ... ? I wish I could say, 'well at least it does not degrade women', but often times it does ...

Stay true ... kfox

**Photo courtesy of Flicker: Uploaded by _com plex_.

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