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Friday, December 22, 2006

He's got heart!

I've viewed this video blog by ?uestlove a couple of times. His passion is deep for what he and The Roots do ...

... I'm enjoying the holiday season, which is why I've been posting so sporatically (and the end of the semester). I'll have comments on the new Nas (out now) and Mos Def (out on 12.29.06).

Have a nice holiday season hip hoppers ... kfox

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This message does not pertain to you ...

... or maybe it does. I was channel surfing and stopped on MTV2. What they feed viewers is not what I'd call a healthy dose of hip hop. I am only somewhat amazed at what music gets made. I am more startled at the video that compliments the music and that the vIideo gets airtime on a variety of music video channels.

I do want to make one thing clear: I don't hate them (that's too strong of an emotion to throw around casually), but I don't like a lot of the music. Why am I not naming names? Why should I? Frankly, I do like some select cuts by mainstream artists (usually songs that have been embedded in my head through my large consumption of media) .

And how about this, I was recently sent an email with a link to a video and asked to provide feedback on the video. I did watch the entire video and then I felt compelled to send in my remarks. The video was riddled with my main pet peeve as it relates to rap videos - the degradation of women and/or women as props! I used to think the era of video hos would pass with the time. You know, like new jack swing and stir up pants. But no, it's not a passing fade; it is the norm. And it seems people are just fine with that - to be stuck in that phase with no visible growth ...

... then I saw this on Flickr and I thought ... well, at how many folks would I lob this statement: HIP HOP SUCKS BECAUSE OF YOU!

Interestingly enough, I also find myself playing devil's advocate: what do people say about the style of hip hop that I love and promote ... ? I wish I could say, 'well at least it does not degrade women', but often times it does ...

Stay true ... kfox

**Photo courtesy of Flicker: Uploaded by _com plex_.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

The Roots rockin the world like no other...

... I know that my small Ohio town is on the world map, so maybe we'll catch The Roots on the next leg of the "Game Theory" tour ... maybe not, but ... hey, Cincy made the cut, so I might do that. Better yet, the boys are in 'the district' during my Spring Break - now that would be my version of 'Boys Gone Wild'! If you don't know, The Roots have one helluva stage show, okay ... ?

THE ROOTS GAME THEORY WORLD TOUR (future legs to be announced at a later date!)
**Lupe is out there with them!

Catch the Grammy nominated folks in a city near you (or take a trip just to see them)

12/17/06 Academy, Glasgow, Great Britain
12/18/06 Queens Hall, Belfast, Great Britain
12/19/06 Olympia, Dublin, IrelandJAPAN

1/12/06 Osaka Japan @ Blue Note
1/13/06 Osaka Japan @ Blue Note
1/15/06 Tokyo Japan @ On Air East
1/16/06 Tokyo, Japan @ On Air East
1/17/06 Tokyo, Japan @ On Air East
1/18/06 Nagoya, Japan @ Blue Note

2/1/07 Vancouver, Canada Roots performance @ Commodore
2/2/07 Vancouver , Canada Roots performance @ Commodore
2/3/07 Seattle, WA Roots performance @ Showbox
2/5/07 Portland, OR Roots performance @ Crystal Ballroom
2/7/07 San Francisco, CA Roots performance @ Fillmore
2/8/07 San Francisco, CA Roots performance @ Fillmore
2/10/07 Los Angeles, CA Roots with Jill Scott and Lupe Fiasco @ Gibson Ampitheatre
2/12/07 San Diego, CA Roots performance @ HOB
2/14/07 Anaheim, CA Roots performance @ HOB
2/14/07 Anaheim, CA Roots performance @ HOB
2/16/07 Salt Lake, UT Roots performance @ Harry O's w/ Lupe Fiasco
2/17/07 Denver, CO Roots performance @ Fillmore w/ Lupe Fiasco
2/19/07 Dallas, TX Roots performance @ Gypsea Tea Room w/ Lupe Fiasco
2/20/07 Austin, TX Roots performance @ Stubbs w/ Lupe Fiasco
2/22/07 NO, LA Roots performance @ HOB w/ Lupe Fiasco
2/24/07 Orlando, FL Roots performance @ HOB w/ Lupe Fiasco
2/25/07 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Roots performance @ Revolution
3/3/07 Myrtle Beach, SC Roots performance @ HOB
3/4/07 Atlanta, GA Roots performance @ Tabernacle w/ Lupe Fiasco
3/7/07 Norfolk, VA Roots performance @ NORVA w/ Lupe Fiasco
3/8/07 Baltimore, MD Roots performance @ Meyerhoff Hall w/ Lupe Fiasco & Marsha
3/9/07 Wash DC Roots performance @ Constitution Hall w/ Lupe Fiasco & Marsha
3/13/07 Boston, MA Roots performance @ Avalon w/ Lupe Fiasco
3/17/07 Chicago, IL Roots performance @ Chicago Theatre w/ Lupe Fiasco
3/18/07 Milwaukee , WI Roots performance @ The Rave
3/20/07 Minneapolis, IN Roots performance @Myth
3/22/07 St. Louis, MO Roots performance @ Pagent
3/23/07 Cincinnati, OH Roots performance @ Bogarts
3/24/07 Toronto, Canada Roots performance @ Kool Haus
3/27/07 Montreal, Canada Roots performance @ Metropolis
4/3/07 Philly, PA Roots performance @ Kimmel Center
4/4/07 Philly, PA Roots performance @ Kimmel Center

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

And the nominees are ...

... did you notice that the Grammy nominations came out on Thursday? I missed the hype, but caught the 'news' before it was a day old.

So, I tried to investigate a bit to bring you more than what you get in the typical saturated headlines. Here is what I discovered:

<- - Gnarls Barkley got some attention (not just for Record AND Album of the Year; 5 nominations total), but also for:

  • Alternative
  • Urban/Alternative Performance

<- - Danger Mouse, one half of the Gnarls Barkley due also received props as Producer of the Year for the group's debut project. made that category as well for "Mas Que Nada" ...

<- - Meanhile, Sergio Mendes' "Timeless" only got two nods ... The category being Urban/Alternative Performance.

<- - Did you know that there is a Grammy award for Rock or Rap Gospel Album?

<- - Lupe Fiasco got a nod for Rap Solo Performance, but Mos Def is right there with him; Lupe is also up for Rap Song AND Rap Album ...

<- - The Roots are in there for two categories:

  • Rap Duo or Group
  • Rap Album

<- - Matisyahu is nominated in the Reggae category ...

yo ... I'm done w/this for now. My most searing Grammy nomination comments are being reserved for a different blog; it's non-hip hop related.

Oh, the Grammy Awards take place on Sunday, February 11, 2007 @ 8 p.m. ESDT.

stay true ... kfox

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

2006 ... a brief recap

Well ... this seems a bit premature, but CMJ's deadline for the best of 2006 was this past Friday.

I primarily culled this off the top of my head, but I thought it would be best to revisit the archives and not soley employ my selective memory.

Generally speaking, 2006 was a fine year for hip hop. I'll elaborate in another post closer to the end of the year.

Here is the WMCO Top 10 Hip Hop albums/cds for 2006:

#1 THE ROOTS "Game Theory"
#3 PSYCHE ORIGAMI "The Standard"
#4 OH NO "Exodus into Unheard Rhythms"
#5 PIGEON JOHN "...And the Summertime Pool Party"
#6 P.O.S. "Audition"
#7 J DILLA "The Shining"
#8 SERGIO MENDES "Timeless"
#10 WAX TAILOR "Tales of the Forgotten Melodies"

Let me know what you think ... stay true, kfox

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