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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Moka Only's "Airport 6"

Moka Only's "Airport 6"

I can rarely determine how certain music lands in my inbox. You can see where this is going, right? 

Moka Only's latest project, "Airport 6," managed to rise above what seems like thousands of emails that I receive on a weekly basis.  I'd planned on listening to just one or two tracks, but the flow is awesome. And from one track to the next ... it's all good.

This is a laid back project. Though it has just enough punch in the lyrics and Moka Only's style of delivery. You may recall his flow from his time w/the hip hop group Swollen Members, but that was some time ago.

Moka Only (courtesy of URBNET)

The beats on "Airport 6" are consistent too ... starting off w/"Sleeping Dogs." "Back Back" is nice, and fun too. There's this refrain of 'ooh, ooh, ooooh' or something like that. It's catchy. I like it.

This project is the kind of music that you'll hear in the background and it will peek your interest and you'll want to bring it to the foreground.

It's the real deal hip hoppers. Don't sleep. kfox.

Listen to the entire project via SoundCloud.

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