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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Mix: 25 Years Of Def Jam Recording

The Mix: 25 Years Of Def Jam Recordings : NPR

Awwww, ish! Def Jam and hip hop go together like all that other good stuff (mostly)! I could talk about all the hip hop legends that Def Jam has produced, but you already know that; just think "alley cat coat wearing, hush puppy shoe wearing ..."

But hip hoppers, today I'm just here to pass along a nice little mix from the good peeps at NPR. It's A-Gee. kfox.

Oh, and here's a list of the artists on the mix (though not in this order):
3rd Bass • Beanie Sigel • The Beastie Boys • Boss • Cam'ron • Diplomats • DMX • Downtown Science • EPMD • Erick Sermon • Fabolous • Foxy Brown • Freeway • Ghostface Killah • Hollis Crew • Ja Rule • Jay-Z • Kanye West • LL Cool J • Ludacris • Method Man • Montell Jordan • Musiq Soulchild • Nas • Ne-Yo • Nice and Smooth • Nikki D • Onyx • Oran "Juice" Jones • Public Enemy • Redman • Rihanna • The Roots • Scarface • Sisqo • Slick Rick • T-La Rock • The-Dream • Warren G

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Audio: Matt Reeves “What They Say”

Love the socially conscience message here. It's on point hip hoppers. kfox.

Audio: Matt Reeves "What They Say"

Raekwon protege and Staten island native Matt Reeves plans on dropping his new mixtape, 4 The Love of Hip Hop, next month. 

Monday, October 03, 2011

VIDEO: Aasim's "Never"

VIDEO: Aasim's "Never"

I dig artists who are laid back with minimal arrogance. Aasim is sort of that guy. At least in this vid for "Never" he comes off as nonchalant and likable. It's true that his flow seems natural and conversational. Heck, the video is framed as if he's just talking to the camera. And although the vid sometimes tries too hard by sampling nearly every video effect that exists, Aasim is just the opposite; that's the impression that I got. Still the vid does get cool points for simplicity.

This track has nice beats and a catchy hook too. Trying to figure out who's on the sample; the sample has that old school vibe. It all just fits together organically. Kinda anxious to hear the rest of the mixtape, "Money Pit 3."

Oh, and love the lyrics: folks will do a number of things to get elevated in the game but never really ascend. Actually, the end of the vid sums it up quite nicely when he says "it's too easy." But you need to hear and see the vid to know why he can say that and mean it.

Hip hoppers if easy is easy, then what are YOU doing? Get. It. In. people. kfox.

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