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Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Shining Brightly ...

Nothing but smiles this side of Ohio. In my great haste to get to the drop date for my fav band, The Roots, I slept on the release of the J Dilla project. Shame on me, but happy me none-the-less.

This baby is bangin! Do you hear me? "The Shining" is doin all that and summah that too. It's 12 tracks coming in at just over half an hour. And bein Dilla, it is laced with some premier talent on the mic - Madlib, Common, Dwele, Black Thought and others.

Right now, I am inching through the liner notes written by ?uestlove. There is also some information about Lupus, the disease that Dilla suffered from.

More on this one in the very near future ... right now, I'm building monster PowerPoint presentations that I can only hope will retain the attention of my video-game-playin, cell-phone-using first year students. Wish me much luck - nah, but maybe sort of nudge me to spend my oft-coveted time on another task where I might glow before a different set of eyes. Right now, though my optimism is strong; my positivity is bubbling and I can't be /won't be stopped...

Put one foot in front of the other hip hoppers, we'll get there together ... kfox


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