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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What is 'truly' my imagination ... and The Roots are coming!

I've had way too much time on my hands lately (enjoying listening to some hip hop, but mainly wasting away ...), but in that, what-could-have-been-quality-time, I've conjured up images of 'what if I were Dave Chappelle ... (complete w/50 mil to toss back @ cha, though maybe not the quaint life in a small, ohio college town - I'm there and doin that!). Anyway, my thoughts of "Being Dave Chappelle" center around his ability to throw his weight around and build a concert line-up of his dreams. Well, what if I could do that same thing ...? Yeah, hip hoppers, let your mind run free ... and think, oooooooh, the possiblities in the 'Indy Hip Hop World' ...

So here is what I came up with ... and in no way is it designed to one-up Chappelle - heck, I know that you know that I am one helluva fan of "Dave Chappelle's Block Party." Envious that I did not get an (official or otherwise) invite ... ? And yes, that is somewhat relevant.

But back to my wayward thoughts and time that I will never get back - and the assembly of the Indy Hip Hop World Block Party (many of the artists will need no explanation):

The Roots
Zion I
Ghostface Killah
Oh No
Collective Medicine
Psyche Origami
Dead Prez

I know that it is a testoterone heavy bill, but that's the nature of the industy, right?! And just because some emcees/djs/badasses are not listed, does not mean that I dislike them more than I dislike old lady Gertrude as she slowly discovers the gas pedal @ a stop light in rush hour traffic as I rush to get to the post office before it closes for the day (yeah, I know, my fault for running late, but who knew that the local USPS closes @ 4:30p? ... work with me people).

Back to the real world ... The Roots have a scheduled tour stop in Cleveland@ the House of Blues on Saturday, August 5 - I'm countin it down, yall. You mean a real hip hop show, on the lake, on a bonafide weekend night, at a decent venue, for a reasonable price? Whhhhhaaaaad!!?? I have not seen The Roots Live since they were on the Smokin Grooves tour w/Outkast (leave it to me to take you there). Your girl will be in the house on Saturday and most likely @ the after set too! It's the b-day wknd, though that is a month long celebration - you know how Leos do it - it's all about me/us. And in honor of the fire sign legacy, keep it hot, yall - shouldn't be hard with he current heatwave enveloping the U.S., but poke your head out of your air conditioned environment for a millisec and feel me on this ...

Other happenins for the month of August, in case you forgot: The Roots' "Game Theory" project rolls out and Outkast's movie "Idlewild" will blanket theatres across the nation ... oh, and classes resume - my contribution to schoolin the next generation - yeah, teeny boppers, get your composition books out AND pay attention ...

I'm outtie ... stay true (and watch out for the imaginary game or what is truly a mind game), kfox

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