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Friday, August 27, 2010

VIDEO: P.O.S. at Flushing Meadows

So many things to like about P.O.S. I love his style of delivery - laid back and matter of fact. I like how he doesn't chase the beats. It works for him. I'm not the rocker, but there's a rocker in me. I love how P.O.S. starts out in one direction, then at some point, he goes off in another direction.

I say all that though it's all demonstrated in this video clip of P.O.S. @ Flushing Meadows. I peeped this one while carousing over at Okayplayer.

Be careful on those boards, kids ... kfox.

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Anonymous BT Shares said...

You are absolutely right that there are so many things to like about P.O.S. I am glad that I got chance to read about it through your blog.

5:34 AM  

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